A company of the STILLUX group focused on this market and its products, STILLSOLAR offers equipment of the highest technology, guaranteeing the best results of efficiency with low cost.

It offers customized projects, which allows the best cost benefit for any situation, be it large or small projects.

• Innovative solution to increase your competitiveness and reduce operating costs.

• Clean and sustainable energy system.

• Long-term duration.

• Production of energy started immediately upon installation of the project, allowing the use of energy costs for investment in the equipment itself.

• Long-term credit facility.

• Consortium line already in operation.



Ensure quality excellence in the delivery of renewable energy products and services, maximizing value and a relationship of trust with the stakeholders, contributing to a more sustainable world.




STILLSOLAR is guided by a unique vision: building relationships of trust with our business partners.

• Our conduct should reflect the highest standards of integrity;

• Our business must provide solutions to the end customer of each process.

• Our communication should be clear and accurate;

• Our management should be team-based, consistent, focused and proactive;

• Our relationship with the stakeholders must be transparent and based on responsibility and trust.

• Our management aims at: sustainable development, use of FNQ practices and the development of proactive collaborators, acting as the owner;